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Since the Rack Test driver interacts directly with Rack interfaces, it does not require a server to be started.

However, this means that if your application is not a Rack application (Rails, Sinatra and most other Ruby frameworks are Rack applications) then you cannot use this driver.

It is truly headless, so doesn't require Xvfb to run on your CI server.

If you find yourself needing to use this a lot you may be better off adding a custom selector or adding a filter to an existing selector.Since transactions are usually not shared across threads, this will cause data you have put into the database in your test code to be invisible to Capybara.Cucumber handles this by using truncation instead of transactions, i.e.Selenium is one of those drivers, whereas Rack Test is not.If you are using a SQL database, it is common to run every test in a transaction, which is rolled back at the end of the test, rspec-rails does this by default out of the box for example.

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Some Capybara drivers need to run against an actual HTTP server.

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