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Wallace pulled his pants up, put his now deflated cock away, and went into the other room. She had developed a preference for older black men, not just black men in general. She realized that, although she enjoyed Wallace's physical features, she needed the reassurance of an older man's attention. As she said farewell to Wallace when he dropped her back at home, she was more infatuated with Harry than she was when she had left earlier that afternoon. She sped through two yellow lights and nearly hit a pedestrian trying to get to Harry's as quickly as possible. Hot and sexy housewives and grannies performing live sex for you right now, all the mature webcam models at Cams Matrue are dieing to meet you for some online fun watch as these naughty cam girls stroke their pussies and funger their asses.

"Okay, darlin', why don't you see Wallace tomorrow and give me a call at some point during the day to check up on me. You're a racist just like I thought." Wallace's eyes became wider and he moved away from her slightly. He could feel his heart pulse through veins of his penis onto his hand.

Nothing special, certainly nothing Harry would approve of. He rubbed the swollen head near her eye socket and the bridge of her nose...still slowly stroking it. As a final gesture of nastiness, he took a handful of her blonde hair and wrapped it around his cock and jacked the last few drops of cum into her hair.

She was dressing in her more conservative outfit when Harry called back. He reached over and grabbed an ice cube from his glass and used it to lubricate his hand. He pulled on her hair and wiped his cock clean with it, then stepped back.

She dared not open her left eye, lest it become filled with Wallace's semen.

Her hair was all messed up at the side where he had wiped himself off onto her like some used rag. The entire scene would have been insanely sexy if it had been under different circumstances. She wiped herself off as best she could and the two had a quiet, and awkward ride home. She realized that the reason he wanted to see her was to have sex.

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