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“I expected it to make me happy and earn me respect.Boy, was I wrong.” The Silver Lining Lesson: This kind of career reality check can inspire soul-searching—and ultimately lead you in an unexpected, more satisfying direction.The Silver Lining Lesson: While fortune does favor the bold, keep in mind that you can’t control all the factors influencing your office or your industry at large. Rose says the experience taught her that not getting what you want in your career can be more valuable than getting it.A pattern of being passed over, however, can signal that it’s time to take a step back and consider a professional pivot. “Your success is determined by your mind-set, your will and your work ethic—not someone else,” adds Rose.The Silver Lining Lesson: Biting off more than you can chew reflects some admirable qualities, like ambition and initiative.But long-term success also depends on learning to set expectations and ask clarifying details, whether it’s related to deadlines, process or resources.So take this as an opportunity to assess where you may need more training—and then make a plan for how to brush up on those skills.

It’s a common predicament: You nailed what you thought was the perfect gig—but your day-to-day hasn’t lived up to the hype or your lofty expectations.

Some of the most important lessons you learn during your first decade working in “the real world” come from one source: The school of hard knocks.

There are professional failures you can’t predict, opportunities that end up being too good to be true, and moments when you don’t live up to your potential.

To keep the pros and cons in perspective, she recommends regularly taking the pulse on your job satisfaction. You’re just not that into the position—but you need a job.

If it’s at 80%, you’re doing pretty well—but if it dips to 40%, it may be time to move on. Whatever the reason, not knowing enough about a company, a role or the person interviewing you leaves an equally poor impression. At 21 she felt overqualified for a telemarketing job but needed the income.

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