Intimidating techniques

” “All I know is that the situation today is ____.” (Then ask a question.) A particularly effective method for sidestepping a bully’s diversions is to assertively move the meeting forward. ” “Let’s not keep rehashing the past and guessing about the future. ” “I know we all want to move on to the next topic, but we haven’t come up with any solutions for ___. ” Or if the bully is the only one who has offered a solution: “I’ve heard ___’s solution, but what about everyone else? “___’s solution may be the way to go on this, but shouldn’t we consider some other options before making a decision?

You do this by asking for specific suggestions on solving the problem. ” One of a workplace bully’s most powerful weapons is a monologue or tirade.

Just repeat his bullying comments back to him in combination with the innocent-sounding query of “Why? “I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.” “I’m confused by what you’re saying.” When a simple approach isn’t enough to reveal his subtle attacks, more sophisticated techniques are needed.

Because monologues are such a powerful weapon, a bully will do almost anything to prevent you from stopping him.If this occurs in front of others, you risk embarrassing the bully.You should first decide whether that particular battle is worth fighting, or if you should instead wait for a private confrontation.) To start, it may be necessary to interrupt him.Effective communication is at the heart of handling a bully.You must cut through his deceptions, innuendo, obfuscations, generalizations and over-complications in order to reveal his true meaning and intentions.

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