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Instead it will report that no resettable DMA channels were found. The program tries to reenable DMA in the registry exactly as described below, for all suitable (S)ATA channels.Note also that many CD and DVD drives only use UDMA-2, because their data rate is much lower than that of a hard disk. Windows then redetects the DMA status after the next reboot.It uses a procedure called cycle stealing, where the central processor memory access cycles are delayed for very short times to intersperse DMA controller memory access cycles.Some newer, faster DMA modes are called UDMA (Ultra DMA).Occasionally a chip set or controller driver is buggy, so check with the manufacturer for updates.

2007-02-20 – Stefan Welte wrote that on an Elitegroupsystems K7S5A computer all IDE hard disks ran in PIO mode, because automatic device recognition was disabled in the BIOS.You need 80-way cables, not the older ones with only 40 wires.With poor cables the device may work, but Windows will probably step down to lower DMA speeds or even to PIO.Correcting the BIOS setting immediately enabled the DMA mode.A not so rare hardware problem is a bad or too long IDE data cable.

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