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“All I know is that when I came home two weeks ago, you looked unhappy, Jay looked unhappy, and both of you just said ‘Fine,’ when I asked how things went.” “Five minutes after you left, Jay asked me to play a game, and I told him I would.He left the room and came back with lots of clothesline and told me he was a robber and I was a store clerk that he was going to tie me up.I’m already packed and ready to drive to meet Samuel at his house.” “Just a moment,” said Karen.“I need to see whatever you claim is a guarantee that Jay won’t be trying to tie me up, sneaking up on me and tickling me, or coming into my room at night while I’m asleep with rope and duct tape.” “Come with me,” said Betty. Once they were in the room, Karen couldn’t help but laugh and laugh at the sight of him. Jay was tied up on the floor, on a big puppy pad that had been placed on the rug. Half a dozen coils of rope, cinched, held his right wrist to his left elbow, behind his back.“After talking to the two babysitters that he tied up and tickled,” said Betty, “I’ve decided to let his punishment fit his crime. The puppy pad is so he won’t stain the rug and there are more of them in a big gray box in the garage.You should know that he’s extremely ticklish, dreadfully ticklish, especially on the bottoms of his feet.” Jay grunted loudly through his gag. “Let me tell Karen how this is going to work, and you listen so that you’re reminded, too, of what I told you earlier. Even when you let him go to the bathroom, his legs stay hobbled.I had to grab his hands to stop him from starting to tie me to the chair I was sitting in. That’s when I put my shoes back on.” “That was really naughty of him,” Betty admitted.I told him no way I was letting him play any game that involves me getting tied up.” “I see,” said Betty. “You had told me not to spank him, so I didn’t, but I wanted to.

“One time babysitting him was enough, more than enough, actually. ” “Go ahead,” said Betty, a widow aged 35, and the mother of Jay, who was 12.

His legs were tied together at the upper thighs, above the knees, below the knees, at the calves, and at the ankles.

His ankles were bent back and a separate rope attached them to the ropes around his forearms. He was wearing a green t-shirt and blue jeans and his feet were bare. An ace bandage was wrapped around his head, keeping something out of sight firmly in his mouth. Jay, hearing the laughter, grunted through his gag.

Don’t forget how dreadfully ticklish he is, Karen, and how he needs to be taught a lesson.” “I’ll do my best,” said Karen.

“Enjoy your weekend.” Hearing the car drive away, Karen kicked off her loafers, leaving her lovely size 11 feet bare.

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“But how could you guarantee that he won’t give me any trouble? ” “My husband died just over five years ago,” said Betty. This is the first time that I’ve met a guy that I really like and it’s getting serious.

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