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I come at this book from an empathetic and compassionate heart set.I’ve walked the walk and, in mid-bloom, am blossoming more than ever before.Are you sick to the back teeth of searching for Mr Right, and forever ending up with Mr Wrong?Do you feel despondent, weary, and about to throw in the towel? My motivation for writing this guide to love at any age was fuelled by a profound desire to empower women to dig themselves out of mental apathy and deliver results-orientated action. For many years, I was the Chief Executive of Dinner Dates, the UK’s longest-established networking organisation for high-end professional single people, and I had countless experiences of helping women to find love.From Dinner Date to Soulmate is an empowering, witty, self-help book, targeted at the large number of women who have been single for years, or who are divorcees or widows.This book will guide and inspire them on their quest for a new soulmate.

It’s my mission to help you overcome your fears, frustration and apathy, by providing you with a clear blueprint for the journey to finding and keeping love – at any age.Part one, step one, “Be prepared”, is all about preparing yourself for love because, if you’re not happy in yourself, you certainly won’t find contentment through a man, nor will you attract the right partner for you.By doing the , more than anything else you do, you will not only feel happier in any event, but you will bring about a quantum improvement in attracting the kind of man who’s actually right for you.Like many women, I have (in the past) found myself to be .In other words, we keep banging our heads against a brick wall in our love search, to the point where we really start to believe that we’re going to end up lonely old ladies with cats for company.

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