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This is as near an equality as we can get, and at the same time makes the payments easy to the settler.

We hope this bill will be hurried up and become a law, and we appeal to Mr.

of families residing in township March 1, 1878: 89.

There are residing in Maple Township two bachelors that do their own cooking; thirty- five single men over the age of 21 years; twenty-five young women over 16 years of age; two widows and seven widowers; and three blind men.

Our readers should be very careful about taking one hundred dollar bills nowadays. But all this is no reason that those who have not entered their lands should be too precipitately hurried into measures that will cripple them in the same way. Blue and son of Indianapolis, Indiana, have been surveying Cowley County, and are so well pleased that they will make a permanent settlement in the same. Persons convicted of violating city ordinances, or failing to pay fines, are hereafter to be put to work upon the streets at 50 cents per day until the debt is liquidated. The bleeding was stopped at the time and it was supposed that the cut had healed.

That others have done so is no good reason that these should be compelled to pay a ruinous interest to raise entrance money. Roberts returned from the Black Hills last Saturday. Eugene Baird, for the past few weeks, has returned to her home in Linn County.

Walter, a successful hotel man from Wichita, was in town yesterday looking up a hotel location in a live place. Charley Harter enters gracefully upon his court duties as sheriff.

Jarvis, farmer, journalist, gentleman, and good fellow generally, is getting well read up in law.

That we have been unfortunate is no reason that we should desire others to be so. Ryan's bill seems to be the best plan of relief yet suggested. Dutch Creek seems to be a regular loadstone for young men.

It provides that the lands shall be immediately entered by paying one-fourth of the entrance money or , per quarter section down, and one, two, and three years given for three remaining one-fourth payments, and that the lands shall be taxed from the first payment.

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