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This used to drive me crazy earlier in my marriage, until I figured out the answer.Now I see it Today I’m tackling the question: Is sex a need or a want?We'll also take listener's questions and answer them with frank, but informative answers, drawing on our communities experiences through surveys when applicable.If you have a question you'd like answered on the podcast, please visit Uncovering to submit your anonymous question on our Have A Question page.So, if you want a healthy, vibrant, active sex life but have questions that are holding you back, please tune in and learn about how amazing and fulfilling marriage can be.Today I'm answering some more questions from our Have A Question page that have come in over the last month or so.

Often men see sex as a reward, even when it's not intended for one. The Bible uses marriage as a metaphor for God's relationship with us many times. In this podcast episode, I discuss my belief that all the do's and don'ts, both in marriage, and in the Bible, A couple of years ago I got a message from a reader who was beside herself with unfounded fears that her husband was no longer attracted to her. She had no indication that he wasn't, I didn't have much time this week to record, so this is a very short podcast episode to let you know about our marriage challenge this week to help you break out of a sexual rut, as well as our new product: The Spice Jar - A printable game to help you I once heard it said that the definition of conflict is two people in the same ZIP code.But, they’re usually just short term tricks, something to get you excited for a night or two, Well, Christmas is nearly upon us, and every Christmas I know there is a lot of stress and anxiety as well as sometimes difficult living arrangements during the holidays, with family over, or you over at family, so this week we’re going to Today’s episode it about praying with your spouse to increase intimacy in your marriage.Often prayer is a level of intimacy many are scared to step into.Jay Dee from the blog Uncovering explores married sexuality from a Christian perspective.Each week we'll explore topics relating to married sexuality from psychology, physiology and also explore what the Bible says about sex, and how to apply that to our lives.

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Conversely, if they don't have sex, sometimes they feel punished, or that they failed at something. Well, in marriage the people are a lot closer than that, and this inevitably spawns conflict.

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