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Symptoms: Door(s) fail to respond normally to lock/unlock signals.In several cases, sending a lock signal via remote locks all but one door.No other store carried the item or had any idea where to obtain it.Time Required: 1.5-3 hours, depending on individual pace.Take care not to pull the trim panel far away from the door, as there are several wire/cable connections still in place between the trim panel and door.After the lower portion of the trim panel is separated, pull the entire panel upward to unhinge the panel from the window sill.

Autozone carries a good variety of bits, more so than the other chains I've tried (O'Reilly's, Pep Boys, Sears Hardware).Locking Mechanism Removal: Start by removing the door trim panel.For the driver side door, you can now pull up on the entire handle/switch assembly as a unit - use moderate force to unclasp the clips holding it in place.Every cam has unique lift and overlap performance characteristics, which means you need to select cams based on exactly the kind of power you’re looking for.For use on ’11-’15 103CI and 110CI Touring and Trike models.

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